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Nyerere is Back!

Tanzanians recently elected a new president, John Magufuli, and people are excited. Magufuli grew up herding cattle for his poor family, and he seems bent on putting a stop to corrupt spending. Right after he was sworn in, Magufuli slashed … Continue reading

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Authoring Stories about Cultures Other Than Our Own

The last month has graced us with a lot of buzz about diversity and multiculturalism in children’s literature. I’ve appreciated so many of the voices that have contributed to this important conversation: Lee and Low’s report on our country’s discouraging … Continue reading

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The Diversity Gap in Children’s Books

Lee and Low books, an independent publisher focused on diversity, recently shared some discouraging statistics: in the past 18 years, the publication of children’s books by and/or about people of color has plateaued, remaining at about 10%, even though 37% … Continue reading

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