Character Transformation and Writing

Last week I wrote about “windows” and “mirrors” in creative writing, and how travel–or really any experience with difference, even in own neighborhood–can challenge our expectations about the world and provide great fuel for writing.

This week I want to share an essay I recently published about climate change and how living in Costa Rica for a year helped to change and deepen my understanding of what we humans are doing to our planet.

Slate Climate Change.png

I hope you have a minute to read the full essay on Slate. For those of you practicing your own writing, you’ll see that this essay is one about personal transformation or how I was changed by an experience. Character transformation is another great framework for writing. Ask yourself: What experiences have I had (try to be as specific as possible) that have permanently changed me or my perspective on the world? Make a list and then choose one to start writing. You’ll likely find an engaging story well worth sharing.

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