Two great author visits


Students at La Côte International School in Switzerland have been reading A Girl Called Problem in preparation for a visit to Tanzania. 

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of Skype chatting with students on two different continents about A Girl Called Problem. Students at La Côte International School in Switzerland and at Nord Anglia International School in Hong Kong have been reading the novel in preparation for their upcoming visit to Tanzania. They asked some fabulous questions about important topics ranging from what it’s like to write from the perspective of a Tanzanian girl, to what obstacles I ran into in the revision process, to what I enjoyed most about living in Tanzania.

While I was chatting with the students in Switzerland, a colorful toucanet was perched outside my window (I’m currently in Costa Rica)–so we ended up chatting a bit about birds, too. These insightful students are going to have so much fun in East Africa!

Nord Anglia1.JPG

Here I am Skype chatting with the students in Switzerland. Photo credit: Helen Baker.

Thanks so much to teachers Helen Baker and David Robinson for making these visits happen, and safari njema (have a good trip) to everyone headed to Tanzania!

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